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Businesses and government agencies continue their sprint to innovate and invest heavily in the latest technology solutions in order to achieve a competitive edge.  The result is businesses of all sizes are retiring their IT assets at a faster pace than ever before.

Impact: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) has become a core part of IT Asset Management (ITAM) initiatives within government agencies and corporations.

Businesses and government agencies rely on ITAD support for a variety of reasons:

  • The asset no longer operates properly and must be taken out of commission.
  • It is simply outdated and needs to be replaced by a newer, better solution.
  • It is being refurbished and redeployed to another user, or sold to a third party.

In order to ensure the highest possible return on capital investments, ITAD must be handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our approach is to work with our customers to engineer a solution that optimizes the value of all of their assets. LogTech achieves reliability and efficiency by streamlining asset recovery, standardizing processes and providing expertise to solve challenges.

LogTech ITAD Services & Solutions Ensures:

  • Assets are decommissioned based on current market worth in order to maximize your residual value.
  • Data security is addressed to prevent vital business data and personal from being lost or compromised.
  • Disposal of technology assets occur in adherence with federal privacy laws and environmental regulations.

LogTech’s IT Asset Disposition solutions provide industry best practices/processes and essential services that are secure, cost effective and provide greater sustainability. When customers are selecting an IT asset disposition (ITAD) partner they want a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher as an extension of their IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs.

  • Documented Procedures Our chain of custody and audit trail support federal, state and corporate compliance direction and programs.
  • Data Security Includes DoD-compliant data erasure processes for all hard drives and memory storage systems to prevent unauthorized access to our clients’ proprietary information with a complete audit trail to ensure data security, accountability, and transparency. We also provide on-site data destruction services.
  • Value Recovery LogTech will re-market your Assets through a variety of channels using our Fresh Start Program while giving your company the maximum ROI. We will recover values on assets up to 5 years old.
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher LogTech supplied refurbished PCs are preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software to businesses, schools, nonprofits, government programs, and other eligible customers.
  • Reduced Handling and Transportation Costs Our consolidated facility offers both ITAD and E-Waste Recycling processing within the same location, eliminating additional transportation and handling costs.
  • Program Support Includes our dedicated team of professionals to manage your federal, state, or corporate ITAD programs and E-Waste recycling programs.
  • Asset Tracking & Reporting LogTech’s tracking system provides customer visibility of their equipment from the receiving process to the final disposition process.

Ensuring the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction

LogTech’s ITAD Package:

  • Data Security
  • Value Recovery
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Program Support
  • Asset Tracking & Reporting


Tailor Your SolutionChoose from these options to fit your needs:

  • Repair and Refurbish
  • Remarket/Resell
  • On-Site Data Destruction
  • Recycle
  • Donate

Financial Models:

  • Service-based
  • Fixed fee – lock in rates
  • Zero cash – revenue share
  • Employee Buy-Back


Your company gets all of the credit and recognition with no stress involved.  LogTech’s  Donation service streamlines the process for directing surplus IT equipment to support schools through our PC2 Compete Program and to our soldiers through our Wounded Warrior Program. You may also pick a charity of your choice. All equipment will be refurbished and preinstalled with specially licensed Microsoft Windows operating system and Office software. We delivered in your name to a charity of your choice. A 90-day warranty is provided and at the end of life we will take the equipment back free of charge to promote responsible recycling.

Benefits of Choosing LogTech for your ITAD Needs

At LogTech, we view IT end-of life cycle challenges as Opportunities for Giving your Electronics a Second Life through our ITAD Services and Solutions. At LogTech we promote the reuse of IT assets to further protect the environment.

The Benefits:

  • Add to your Residual Value & ROI.
  • Mitigate your Legal Risks, Liability, and Security Concerns.
  • Advance your Financial, Social, and Environmental Initiatives.

Example: Decrease the Electronics Carbon Footprint.

Our approach is central to addressing your concerns about data security, sustainability and value added, while implementing sound environmental practices.

“Making IT Logical” turns the electronics end-of-life cycle challenges and concerns into an opportunity ensuring full value is gained from your unused or obsolete assets.

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